Partnering with nature to meet dairy protein demand sustainably
Discover the ground-breaking processes behind our sustainable, nutritious animal-free dairy products.

The sun rises in the yeast

Nature’s method is perfect… but it didn’t count on having 10 billion mouths to feed. So we’ve stepped in. We map cow milk genes to produce dairy proteins that delivers cow milk nutrition and sensory experience.

Ferment to be

Our process of fermentation takes the gene map and uses a natural yeast to grow them into nature-identical cow's milk proteins.

Eden Brews yummier micelles

Superior sensory experience
Feels like milk. Tastes like milk. Works like milk. Without any of milk’s downsides

Superior nutrition delivery 
The micelle is the ultimate nutrition delivery vehicle with enormous carrying capacity for calcium, phosphorus, protein and other nutrients and releasing it slowly for that long-lasting satisfied feeling. 

Superior processability
We can heat, pasteurise and UHT-process our micelles to extend shelf life for dairy products of all kinds. This will leverage existing milk and dairy production techniques and infrastructure without needing to reinvent the udder.


What’s a micelle?

A 4-casein micelle is the essential building block for cow milk. Thanks to the expertise of our partnership with CSIRO, Eden Brew is focused on creating a 4-casein micelle to match cow milk’s superior nutrition delivery, sensory experience and heat stability.