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We're on a mission to create deliciously animal-free, precision-fermented milk the whole world can enjoy, sustainably.

Meet the team

Alberto Riera
Principal Protein Scientist
Alejandra Canteli
Research Operations Coordinator
Anna Oxley Rintoul
Head of People & Culture
Felicitas Vernen
Fermentation Scientist
James A. Broadbent
Principal Analytical Chemist
Jessica Monk
Head of Product & Marketing
Jim Fader
Co-Founder & CEO
Joel Cherry
Chief Scientific Advisor
Laura Navone
R&D Director
Marius Jessen
Strain Engineer
Matthew Pollard
R&D Operations Manager
Peter Chen
Creative director
Peter Fridell
Rob Brown
Chief Scientific Officer
Sam Beard
Research Officer


Dr Jen Taylor
Co-Founder & director | Research Director, CSIRO
Michael Hampson
Co-Founder & Director | CEO, Norco Dairy Co-operative
Paul Riley
Co-Founder & Director | CEO, Samsara Eco
Phil Morle
Co-Founder & Chairman | Partner, Main Sequence

I have always loved working in synthetic biology. My most important motivator is having the possibility of building things with biology and changing our industries using more sustainable processes. I’m very excited about being able to create a technology or product that can actually reach and help society.

Laura Navone

R&D Director

Our Values


We are fervently ambitious. We propel world-class science and impactful industry solutions.


We care deeply about the future of the planet and all its inhabitants.


We are obsessed with delicious, nutritious food.


We grow together, lifting our people and our partners as we go.

Eden Brew is developing a better way to make the food we love and the protein we need. Food is the next frontier in driving a positive climate impact. Eden Brew provides a way to make dairy food and drink that's climate friendly, land efficient, abundant and cost effective, enabling us to sustainably enjoy the flavours, function and nourishment we love.

Peter Fridell


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