About us
Meet the team, see what’s new and learn more about our ground-breaking dairy mission.

We're on a mission to create deliciously animal-free, precision-fermented milk the whole world can enjoy, sustainably.

Sustainable, delicious dairy

Sustainable, nutritious milk and dairy products to help feed the world and reduce our impact on the planet, delivering the traditional dairy sensory experience people know and love forever more.

Reinventing milk after millenia

Milk has been sustaining humanity since day dot — from breast to bowl to banana smoothie. As our global population and its taste for milk has grown, milk production has demanded an evolution. Plant-based alternatives included!

Our vision is more than cheese dreams

We see a world where dairy is a cornerstone of human nutrition, enjoyed by everyone, without harming the planet.

Meet the team

Co-Founder & CEO
Jim Fader
Chief Scientific Officer
Claudia Vickers
Chief financial Officer
Peter Fridell
Chief Strategy Officer
Camilla Roberts
R&D Director
Laura Navone
Principal Organism Engineer
Kai Peng
Head of People & Culture
Anna Oxley Rintoul
Creative director
Peter Chen

Meet the Board

Co-Founder & Chairman | Partner, Main sequen Ventures
Phil Morle
Co-FOUNDER & Director | CEO, NORCO dairy co-operative
Michael Hampson
Paul Riley
Dr Jen Taylor

Follow our progress

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