A new dawn for dairy

Eden Brew is a ground-breaking new way to enjoy dairy products sustainably and nutritiously.

We’re on a mission to create animal-free, precision-fermented milk the whole world can enjoy, sustainably.

Protein demand will double by 2050

Feeding 10 billion people
As the global population increases, and their diets change, demand for high-quality protein will increase significantly.
No Planet B (or C)
The UN projects the world will need
3 x planets if we continue relying on traditional farming methods.
All resources are finite
We must make best use of resources within planetary boundaries to minimise environmental impact.
For 1L of milk it takes ~1,000L water for cow's milk, 6,000L water for almond milk and less than 10L for our milk.

Deliciously animal-free dairy is the solution

The milk people love, without cows, while freeing up land for rewilding and carbon sequestration.

Utilising existing production and distribution facilities, ready to scale fast.

Milk, ice cream, cheese, yoghurt – most dairy products are possible.

Backed by science & farmers

Global leaders in dairy recombination and protein chemistry – the critical disciplines for creating micelles and milk.
Main Sequence
Investing in cutting-edge scientific discoveries to meet the world's biggest challenges.
Australian farming co-operative with 120 years of dairy production, 10% market share and 200m litres of milk processing capacity.
Digitalis is a venture capital firm that invests in solutions to complex problems in human and animal health.
Nature-identical proteins, a cow's milk experience - without the cow.

Words about us

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